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Completion of Philippines's dustless workshop

Author: Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., LtdPublished: 2018-03-19 14:18:36Views:1912

Completion of Philippines's dustless workshop
With the accelerated pace of global economic integration, Dongguan Zhuo's purification is also well prepared to integrate into the international environment, seize opportunities and expand foreign markets, which will bring considerable economic benefits for the company. The company always adhered to the goal of high quality products, satisfactory service and reasonable price. We should conscientiously grasp the links of production, sale, design, construction and service.
It is not simple for an enterprise to enter the international market. It must consider various factors. Considering the external factors, there are 1 main factors that affect the entry of the international market. To invest products and services abroad, we must consider whether the foreign market will accept the products and services of the enterprises, and the competition of foreign counterparts.
2. Environmental factors. Including the political, economic, geographical environment, the various relevant regulations and policies of the foreign government to the enterprise.
3, production factors. In foreign enterprises, the cost of production will inevitably involve the problem of production costs. The cost of production in foreign markets determines the investment mode of the enterprise.
4, the external factors of the country. The policy of the host country has great influence on the development of the international market, and the competitiveness and scale of the domestic counterparts should be considered to decide whether the enterprise has the ability to enter the international market.
Dongguan Zhuo for purification for this investigation is very important, accompanied by customers to visit the company, detailed introduction of a considerable number of new technology, a considerable number of equipment. After the visit, the foreign friends were very satisfied with our company, and the two sides reached the intention to continue to cooperate deeply.

Part drawings:

After completion of the actual picture shooting:

Acceptance report: high praise from customers
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