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Shenzhen Pulian extension company 10000 clean workshop completed case

Author: Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., LtdPublished: 2018-03-19 14:32:21Views:2192

A case of a Shenzhen company's dust-free workshop
In recent more than 10 years, science and technology are changing rapidly, and the demand for high-precision, fine and miniaturization of products is more urgent. At the same time, higher requirements for the development of dustless purification technology are put forward. Tens of thousands of dust free workshop in semiconductor, precision manufacturing, liquid crystal manufacturing, optical manufacturing, circuit board manufacturing and other industries are very common.

The purification of the indoor air is gradually diluted by the clean air flow, and the indoor pollution is gradually discharged to achieve the clean effect. Indoor air flow is a non parallel flow at uneven speed, mixed with reflux or vortex, and different grades of purification workshop is mainly achieved by different air volume in unit time.

The parameters of the 10000 level purification workshop are:
Number: 100000 = 15; 10000 = 20; 1000 = 30; 100 = 500.
Pressure: the main workshop on the adjacent room is larger than 5Pa average wind speed: 10 level and 100 level 0.3 0.5m/s;
The temperature is more than 16 C in winter, and the temperature is less than 26 C in summer, and the fluctuation is + 2 C. Temperature 4565%;
The humidity of the GMP powder workshop is about 50%.
The humidity of the electronic workshop is slightly higher in order to avoid static electricity. The noise is less than or equal to 65dB (A);

The fresh air supply is 10% - 30% of the total air supply, and the illuminance 300LX.

Dongguan Zhuo for purification and a Shenzhen company cooperation 10000 clean room engineering, construction area of 800 square, in order to customers within the stipulated time of completion and does not affect the use of the production of customer, after all the staff and construction, design, supervision and other joint efforts, which lasted 45 days of completion and a through inspection, won the customers. Here is a sincere thanks to a company in Shenzhen for the trust in purification and the great support in the process of construction. Customer satisfaction is our goal!

The following completion effect diagram: overall effect

Detail display section

Detail display part - Double blower shower

Detail display section - cargo shower

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