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Food day

Qingyuan food on the day 100 clean workshop works

Author: Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., LtdPublished: 2017-09-18 17:08:08Views:2404

Food production workshop
People food for the day, the disease from the mouth, so the food industry safety, health in our daily life occupies an important position.

Food safety, health mainly to control three aspects:
First, control the standardization of production operations;
Second, the control of external environmental pollution (to establish a relatively clean operating space.
Third, the source of procurement to eliminate the problem of raw materials.
The workshop area is compatible with the production, the layout is reasonable, the drainage is smooth; the floor of the workshop is built with non-slip, sturdy, impermeable and corrosion-resistant materials, and is flat, no water and keep clean; the workshop is exported and connected with the outside , Ventilation with anti-rat, anti-fly, pest control facilities.
Workshop interior walls, ceilings and doors and windows using non-toxic, light, waterproof, mildew, do not fall off, easy to clean the material construction. Corner, ground angle, vertex angle should have radians (radius of curvature should be not less than 3cm).
Workshop in the console, conveyor belt, transport vehicles, industrial equipment should be non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, no rust, easy cleaning and disinfection, solid material production.
A sufficient number of handwashing, disinfection, dry hand equipment or articles should be provided at the appropriate location and the faucet should be a non-manual switch. According to product processing needs, workshop entrance should be equipped with shoes, boots and wheel disinfection facilities. Should be equipped with the workshop connected to the locker room. According to the needs of product processing, should also be set up with the workshop connected to the bathroom and shower room.
Food products are raw materials combined production, food production workshop on air purification requirements is extremely important, clean clean shop in the food industry has played a major role, so the production environment for product quality factor is also very important. To establish a relatively independent clean space, control the production of space for the production of pollution, improve product quality and create economic benefits.

Food packaging clean workshop
In order to demonstrate that the food packaging clean room is working satisfactorily, it must be demonstrated that it meets the requirements of the following guidelines:
1. Food packaging clean room air supply is sufficient to dilute or eliminate indoor pollution.
2. Food packaging clean air in the workshop is from the clean area to the cleanliness of the poor flow of the region, the flow of contaminated air to a minimum, the air at the door and indoor construction in the direction of the flow of the right.
3. Food packaging clean room air supply will not significantly increase the indoor pollution.
4. Food packaging clean room Indoor air movement can ensure that the chamber does not have high concentration of concentrated areas.
If the clean room meets the requirements of these guidelines, it is possible to measure its particle concentration or microbial concentration (if necessary) to determine that it meets the required cleanroom standards.

Food packaging clean shop test:
1. Air supply and exhaust volume: If it is turbulent clean room, then it is necessary to measure the air volume and exhaust volume. In the case of a unidirectional cleanroom, the wind speed is measured.
2. Airflow control between zones: To prove that the direction of airflow between the districts is correct, that is, from the clean area to the cleanliness of the poor flow, must be tested: (1) the pressure difference between the interval; (2) , Floor, etc. at the opening of the air flow direction is correct, that is, from the clean area to the cleanliness of the poor flow of the region.
3. Filter leak detection: the high efficiency filter and its frame to be tested to ensure that suspended pollutants will not pass through:
(1) the damaged filter; (2) the gap between the filter and its outer frame; (3) the other parts of the filter device into the room.
4. Isolation leak detection: This test is to prove that the suspended pollutants do not penetrate the building materials into the clean room.
5. Indoor airflow control: The type of airflow control test depends on the airflow mode of the clean room - either turbulent or unidirectional. If the clean room air flow is turbulence, it must be confirmed that there is no room for airflow operation. If the one-way flow clean room, you must verify that the entire indoor wind speed and wind direction is in line with the design requirements.
6. Suspended Particle Concentration and Microbial Concentration: If these tests meet the requirements, the particle concentration and the concentration of the microorganisms (when necessary) are measured to demonstrate compliance with the technical conditions of the clean room design.
7. Other tests: In addition to these pollution control tests, it is sometimes necessary to perform one or more of the following tests:

● Temperature ● Relative humidity ● Indoor heating and cooling capacity ● Noise value ● Light intensity ● Vibration value

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