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A Summary of Technical Requirements for Cleaner Plant Construction of Lithium Batteries

Author: Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd
Published:2017-09-18 16:10:56Views:2101SML

In recent years, with the rise of new energy electric vehicle industry, driven by the rapid development of power battery production enterprises, but also led to the lithium battery clean room construction needs. More enterprises involved in this industry
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In recent years, with the rise of new energy electric vehicle industry, driven by the rapid development of power battery production enterprises, but also led to the lithium battery clean room construction needs. More enterprises involved in this industry, the construction of the plant to stay in accordance with the stage of gourd painting scoop, or fear of blindly raise the construction requirements, and ultimately lead to the construction process often appear side edge of the situation, resulting in investment waste.

In order to make potential investment enterprises understand the basic construction needs of lithium clean room, to avoid blind investment, the following were from the plant structure, fire, interior, air conditioning, process piping, electrical aspects of a brief overview.

First, the plant structure

Plant sub-self-built plant and leasing plant, due to clean the whole building area of lithium clean room, more difficult to find a suitable plant rental, most companies choose self-built plant.

Self-built plant is divided into concrete frame structure and steel structure, each with advantages and disadvantages. Concrete structure is long, the investment budget is high, the use cycle is long, suitable for long-term development of large and medium-sized enterprises; steel structure plant construction period is short, low investment budget, short use cycle, suitable for the rapid development of small and medium enterprises.

No matter what kind of structure of the plant, are not suitable for building multi-storey buildings, and are required to fully consider the foundation load, heavy floor, equipment room size, plant fire level. Equipment room and auxiliary space recommended to set a unified in a side or a concentrated area.

Second, fire

Due to the special chemical properties of lithium materials, but also to meet the fire acceptance requirements, in the case of saving investment also need to take full account of the risk of prevention, this part of the need to pay special attention. General plant for the C plant, fire covers smoke, spray, alarm, emergency lighting and so on.

Injection area, electrolyte storage area, high temperature housing and other high risk areas, separate isolation fire partition, all kinds of equipment to consider explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant requirements.

Three, built

Wall layout to be integrated fire escape, flow of logistics channels, production equipment, and other factors. Production equipment due to the different production materials (such as ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, etc.) and the degree of automation equipment or manufacturers of different sizes have different access. Construction units need to determine the product, production equipment and then consider the overall layout, there are differences in the adjustment.

Due to the high temperature and low humidity environment, the choice of partitions, ceilings, doors and windows should be noted. High temperature room is generally isolated partition, the use of rock wool board material, the door with fire doors. Low humidity area enclosure with rockwool board, ceiling vitreous magnesite board, the door with a closed door, glass with double vacuum glass window.

The ground can be ordinary epoxy floor, coated oven section no purification grade requirements, the general solidification of the ground can be, mixing and rolling areas have more heavy equipment, you can consider the stainless steel tread plate ground.

Four, air conditioning

Lithium clean plant general plant area is large, the total cooling load, the need to comprehensively calculate the total cooling load in the region to determine the cooling host cooling capacity and installation location, taking into account the needs of energy-saving, cooling host as far as possible in the freezing station, and fully consider the late expansion Connect the reserved piping valve, and then through the chilled water pipe partition to send cold source. Northern provinces need to consider winter frost measures.

Lithium clean plant and other industries is the biggest difference is a higher humidity control requirements, dehumidification unit is to protect the environment dew point of the core equipment. The choice of dehumidification units, the insulation of the workshop envelope, duct airtight, the number of personnel, the workshop control should be considered.

Dehumidification units as far as possible to choose the market well-known brands, workshop wall ceiling strict construction technology, doors and windows with custom-made closed type, ducts with angle iron flange, injection and other low-humidity areas using stainless steel duct.

Air conditioning part of the control is recommended to use PLC control, in order to facilitate the use of integrated installation in the air conditioning control cabinet. Enterprises with investment budgets can also use central control, centralized monitoring.

Fifth, the process pipeline

Lithium battery production process requires cooling water, compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum, water supply and drainage, exhaust and so on. According to the equipment needs, the overall amount of statistics, determine the equipment model and installation location, according to the layout of production equipment and demand layout pipeline.

The need for attention to the trachea is due to the large area of the plant, the pipeline loss is large, need to consider in the far end to increase the gas tank and loop. Vacuum equipment and piping part of the need to distinguish between the electrolyte area and common areas.

Sixth, electrical

Lithium clean room production equipment and air conditioning and other auxiliary equipment more power consumption. Electrical installation and transformer size selection need to consider the overall electricity load. Power supply partition, the bridge to the grading control, etc. for the convenience of post-maintenance and safety needs to be considered.

Cabinet circuit breakers and cables recommended the use of market-higher brands, wire and cable are used flame retardant, threading pipe with galvanized wire tube. Lighting part of the proposed use of LED light source, the workshop part of the illumination control in the 250Lux to 300Lux left and right illumination, warehouse and equipment room 100Lux left and right illumination, emergency lighting by fire regulations and room layout installation, and consider other overhaul lighting and maintenance sockets.

Seven, summary

Due to the stringent requirements of the battery production environment, we must fully consider the design of the integrity and rationality of the construction process of strict control, energy saving, production technology and investment budget, taking into account the balance, to ensure the smooth construction of lithium clean plant production. If you have more questions, please contact our professional cleaning engineer.




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