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Shenzhen clean operating room 100 purification room

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Clean operating room:
Professional for health care workers to create a comfortable environment conducive to work to meet the process of air, temperature, humidity, wind speed laminar flow operating room is the use of air clean technology on microbial contamination to take different degrees of control, to control the space environment, air cleanliness Suitable for all types of surgical requirements; and provide appropriate temperature and humidity, to create a clean and comfortable surgical space environment.

Ward requirements:
Air cfu / m3: ≤10
Object surface cfu / cm3: ≤5
Health care workers hand cfu / cm3: ≤5
With the modern hospital conditions, environmental and medical quality of the continuous improvement and improvement, laminar flow equipment has been equipment, used in the operating room.

Streamhouse operating room - clean and comfortable working environment
Laminar operating room not only requires a high degree of clean air (the air entering the operating room first must be purified by a high efficiency filter), and requires the control of the flow direction of the air flow (ie, laminar flow cleaners), the air flow from the cleanliness The area of the surgical area flows to the area of low cleanliness and removes and discharges the dust particles (dust particles) and bacteria in the airflow; the laminar flow is a small, thin layer of air that is transported in the same direction at a uniform flow rate; The direction is divided into vertical laminar flow and horizontal laminar flow. Vertical laminar flow efficient filter is installed directly above the surgical bed, air vertical blowing, the air outlet is located in the four corners of the wall to ensure that the operating table cleanliness standards, the general use of vertical laminar flow Better laminar The operating room is a "positive pressure" environment whose air pressure varies depending on the requirements for different degrees of cleanliness in different areas (eg, between surgery, sterile preparation, brush, anesthesia, and surrounding areas) The
Different levels of laminar flow operating room of its air cleanliness standards are different, such as the US Federal Standard 100 laminar flow operating room standard per cubic foot of air ≥ 0.5μm dust particles, ≤ 100 or per liter of air ≤ 3.5 Stars. 1000 for each cubic foot of air ≥ 0.5μm the number of dust particles, ≤ 1000 or per liter of air ≤ 35 stars. And so on.
Different levels of laminar flow systems, the control space in the air exchange rate is also different, the higher the cleanliness level, the faster the replacement rate, and vice versa.
Laminar Operating Room Wall Application Special whitewash with antibacterial effect, bright light, soft colors and no need to clean with water.

2.1 low number of bacteria in the operating room and low anesthetic gas concentration. In the case of
2.2 for comfortable air (indoor temperature can be 15-25 ℃, humidity can be adjusted between 50-65%).
2.3 operating room positive pressure airflow (+23-25 Pa) to prevent the entry of foreign pollution. In the case of
2.4 operating room fresh air, Shuangjie, comfortable working environment. In the case of
2.5 laminar flow operating room, under normal circumstances without the use of physical or chemical methods for disinfection, both to save labor, but also exempt from adverse gas effects. In the case of
2.6 nosocomial infection rate (especially surgery and burn infection rate) greatly reduced. In the case of
2.7 noise: the laminar flow of the air handling machine (air supply, return air and other devices) and the operation of the air conditioning system issued by the sound, a laminar flow of the operating room of a noise, but also a major drawback of laminar flow operating room. Fortunately, the operation of the indoor volume of 42dB, no discomfort; but the operation of the external volume ≥ 65dB, the formation of noise interference. "Heart and quiet and sound more than", long-term, there is a tolerance and adaptation process.

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