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Jiangsu People 's Hospital clean operating room clean workshop project case

Author: Zhuo for air-conditioning purification Electromechanical Engineering Co., LtdPublished: 2017-09-06 14:47:55Views:2992

The operating room is a place for patients to provide surgery and rescue, is an important technical department of the hospital. The operating room should be connected with the surgical department, but also with the blood bank, intensive care unit, anesthesia recovery room and so close. Grasp the surgical incision infection of the four links of the management, that is: the operating room of the air; surgery required items; doctors nurses fingers and the patient's skin, to prevent infection, to ensure the success rate of surgery. Requiring a reasonable design, well-equipped, nurses work responsive, fast, efficient work efficiency.

Laminar flow purification of the operating room air purification by high efficiency filter, and then asked to control the flow direction of the air flow, that is, the use of laminar flow clean device, the air flow from the high cleanliness of the surgical area to low clean areas, Drain the dust particles and bacteria in the airflow; the laminar flow is a small, thin layer of air that is transported in the same direction at a uniform flow rate.

Jiangsu County People's Hospital laminar flow purification operating room has been fully put into use, and get customers praise!

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